• 5 Steps to Getting More Engagement with Your Visual Content

    May 1, 2015 | Posted By: | Blog · General Topic · Infographics · Marketing |

    Marketing content strategy is changing everyday and in today’s marketing the visual content is the biggest component. Here are three facts supporting the importance of graphics and images that every digital marketer should to know.

    -Over 90% of communication is non-verbal.
    -Infographics are shared and liked x3 times more than other content formats
    -More than half of website visitors spend less than 15 seconds actively reading text on the page.

    According to the infographic below from HubSpot, the average number of Facebook shares of posts without images is 28. With images, the average number of shares jumps to 65. Without images, the average Twitter shares is 10. With images, it jumps to 20.

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    Yes or No? Amazon Prime Air

    December 2, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog · Marketing |

    This week unveiled its vision for 2015: the air drone that delivers packages up to 5 lbs within 30 minutes from the order. Jeff Bezos claims that the air drone can deliver within 10 mile radius from the Amazon fulfillment center(s); however, there are some prerequisite action items, such as approval from FAA, quality assurance, quality control, etc. before the air drone can be utilized. These new flying robots can be seen as early as 2015, and as a big fan of Amazon and Amazon Prime Member, I cannot wait to see them. Yes, for the drones. It’s innovative, and makes logistics more fun. You have my approval.

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    4 Important Tips For Working With The Media

    June 28, 2012 | Posted By: | Marketing |


    Media is good for you. Only when you do it right. While talking to FedEx’s America’s Small Business Summit representative, I learned the following important media tips.

    1. KNOW YOUR THREE KEY POINTS. This is your opportunity to tell your story. Select three key messages that you want readers to learn. Think of facts and anecdotes to develop and support your three key points, making a compelling story.  Keep bringing discussion back to the three points that you want to make.

    2.  YOU ARE ALWAYS ON THE RECORD.  Only say things that you believe are fit to print anywhere and everywhere.

    3.  IT IS OK TO ASK QUESTIONS. If the reporter approaches you for a 1:1 interview, ask questions so you understand where they are coming from.  This will help you better fit your story and their needs.  What kind of story is it? What’s the angle? Who else has been or will be interviewed?

    4.  WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW, SAY SO. You are an expert but you don’t have all the answers. Say “I can’t speak to that, but what I can tell you is…” or “I’ll get back to you.”  It is extremely tempting to hazard a guess, but this may be published … you want to be accurate.

    A few additional tips:

    Be assertive. Don’t just answer questions, seize every opportunity to drive your messages. Reporters grab audiences’ attention by leading off with the most important, newsworthy information. Do the same thing with your answers.

    Use flags. Signal that a key point is coming up with a phrase like; “the key point is,” or “what makes this important is.”

    Turn negatives to positive. Don’t repeat negative language or allow the reporter to put words in your mouth. Anticipate tough questions and develop responsive answers that are not defensive. Bridge to one of your key messages with phrases like “let me put this in perspective,” or “the real problem is”.

    Avoid jargon. The public doesn’t know your industry jargon so don’t use it even when the reporter does. Explain abbreviations and technical terms.

    Focus on your objective. Don’t get mired in statistics or lengthy explanations. It’s OK to pause and think!

    In summary, you should know your three key points, bear in mind that you are always on the record, it is okay to ask questions, and if you don’t have the answer just say so in a polite way. It will add to your values.

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    How To Create a Social Tag Image

    May 7, 2012 | Posted By: | Marketing | knows what you care about and helps you find things that are highly relevant to you, and it is a simple tool to create an image of social tag cloud that describe you. For instance, this is how my reflection looks like:

    Go to Bilguun Ginjbaatar's Mirror.Me Reflection

    Step-by-Step Instructions On How To Create Your Own Reflection:

    • Step 1: Go to, and sign-in using your Twitter account
    • Step 2: Fill out the profile section and verify your email address.
    • Step 3: In the right upper corner, click on your username, then select “Settings”


    • Step 4: Make sure to claim your Personal URL. For example:
    • Step 5: Scroll to the bottom and you will be able to get the HTML code or the actual image.

    • Step 6. You’re done. Enjoy.
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    A Professor Explained Marketing to MBA Students

    April 30, 2012 | Posted By: | Marketing |

    1. You see gorgeous girl in party,
    you go to her & say I am rich marry me
    “That’s Direct Marketing.”

    2. You attend party & your friend goes to a girl & pointing at you
    tells her. He’ is very rich, marry him. “That’s Advertising.”

    3. Girl walks to you & says u are rich, can u marry me?
    “That’s Brand Recognition

    4. You say I m very rich marry me & she slaps u
    “That’s Customer Feedback

    5. You say I m very rich marry me & she introduces you to her husband
    “That’s Demand & Supply Gap

    6. Before you say I m rich, marry me, your wife arrives
    “That’s Restriction from Entering New Market.”

    [Source: This post originally appeared on my friend Bayasaa’s Facebook wall]


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